Single Sign-0n Security Profile Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need to work remotely and use online services. Because of this, malicious attackers has increased their exploitation of online user's vulnerabilities. AAMU users are no exception and are being attacked with an unprecedented level of phishing and password-acquiring attempts. To address these exploits and provide better security, ITS have been implementing security enhancements in all of our IT systems. As a result, we require all users to change their SSO password on or after July 31st.

Account Recovery Settings

Users must complete their account recovery settings in the SSO before July 30th . To update your account and add a secondary recovery account, please see the instructions below:

1. Log into SSO and click on the “1.6 SSO Acct Mgt” icon.
2. Enter your login credentials.
3. Click “Get Started" under the Account Security.
4. Fill out Security Profile information. (Questions,Email, Phone recovery)
5. Once you finish, click "My Applications" to save.

Note: Make sure you have added a secondary email account (in addition to a phone number) to your account recovery to receive your SSO login pin.

Password Change

*Starting July 31st, users must click the"Forgot Password" link to setup their password and regain access to SSO.

We appreciate your help to make our technology environment safer for everyone!


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